Legal services in Bulgaria


Our services include:

  • Formation and structuring of capital and partnerships companies, branches, including the preparation of all necessary documents in English and Bulgarian
  • Advising on and drafting of founding treaties, shareholders agreements, management contracts etc. according to the economic interests of the shareholders
  • Preparation of all statutory company registrations in the commercial register, in the tax authorities and social services, etc.
  • Applying for all public law provided permits, commercial permits and licenses in accordance with the specific characteristics of the industry area
  • Legal consultations regarding the rights and responsibilities of the various company organs, and on their liability in internal and external relationships
  • Restructuring of companies, companies takeover , division, separation, merger and acquisitions and other legal forms of reorganizations
  • Representation in general meetings, drafting and preparation of all kinds of corporate legal documents


In order to avoid legal disputes between business partners it is mandatory that all contracting parties are full acquainted with all rights and obligations deriving from the contract even before its signing.

Our legal services related to drafting of contracts in Bulgaria include:

  • in the sphere of civil law - contracts for purchase and rental of goods, loan, production, services, leasing, donation, guarantees, employment contracts and others.
  • regarding real estate matters - contracts for purchase and rent of real estate properties, if necessary –provision of collateral through mortgage, preliminary contracts and others.
  • in the sphere of commercial and company law - contracts between merchants, articles of association of different companies (limited liability companies, general partnership, limited partnership, joint-stock company, foundation and others), company bodies (managers, directors, oversight board and others) share transfers and others.
  • agreements and others


Our services include:

  • Review of land, land register records, examination of rights in rem, public law requirements
  • Negotiations with the parties
  • Preparation and review of broker agreements, tentative agreements, land contracts, construction and lease
  • Monitoring and representation in notary appointments
  • Registration of mortgages, easements, etc.
  • Advice and representation in planning permits procedures and change of use proceedings


We provide highly qualified advice on labor law matters and assist you in individual labor law in Bulgaria, especially in:

  • Drafting employments agreements
  • LTD managers contracts
  • Flexible working time models
  • Advise on corporate transactions
  • Company restructurig, outsourcing
  • Occupational pensions
  • Employments agreemtns and termination clauses
  • Representation in legal proceedings before the competent courts in Bulgaria

Our services include:

  • Copyright in Internet: drafting of copyright-related contracts, especially concerning the development of software products, copyright protection of code, patentability of software code, protection of content with regard to copyright and unauthorized use;
  • Trademarks: registration, monitoring, filing oppositions and protection against infringements against the rights of the trademark owner, for trademarks registered in Bulgaria, registered according to the European Union regulations (the so-called Community Trademark, or CTM), international trademarks – World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO);
  • Legal counsel in the field of Patent Law, Industrial design, Appellations of Origin.

Our legal department represents its clients before state and arbitration courts in Bulgaria.

We always strive to solve the disputes between the two parties efficiently and swiftly through out-of-court procedures, respecting the interests of all involved. From the client’s point of view, such agreement is generally more economically suitable and practical, since it allows for a much swifter satisfaction of the client’s claims. When such agreement proves impossible to reach or is not preferred, we protects the interests of our clients in court procedures. We provide judicial representation before the state courts, as well as in arbitration courts in Bulgaria.


Our services include:

  • Consultations regarding the registering of Internet domains;
  • Representation for legal disputes regarding Domains – in-court representation, before an arbitrary, in special proceedings before Domain Registrars of all types
  • Drafting of contracts about domain related rights
  • Drawing up estimates of the monthly social insurance contribution amounts
  • Representation in disputes arising from trade mark infringement claims and its unauthorized use for a domain name or design, drafting of “cease and desist letters”
  • Drafting Terms and Conditions, EULAs (End-User License Agreement) and various documentation for Web sites;
  • Drafting of disclaimer clauses
  • Legal counsel for contracts, concluded via electronic means or online platforms
  • Defense in issues regarding infringement of the right to freedom of speech in Internet


One direction of the services we provide is assistance in obtaining a temporary, long-term or permanent residence status in the Republic of Bulgaria of foreign nationals.

In view of the specific and dynamic nature of this matter, and as a result of the ever increasing interest on the part of foreign nationals in this direction, we are striving to provide for our clients security and successful solutions from the initial preparation of documentation to obtaining a residence permit and its extending.

We offer the following services:

  • Initial consultation on the necessary documents, deadlines, procedures and state fees for issuance of a long-term residence certificate;
  • Assistance in filling out the necessary forms, collection of some of the necessary documents and assistance in oral communication with competent authorities;
  • Initial consultation on the necessary documents, deadlines, procedures and state fees for obtaining a type D visa – in order to travel to Bulgaria and apply for a long-term residence permit
  • The visa and the long-term residence permit shall be issued on the basis of a registered Representative office in Bulgaria of a foreign company in which our client is appointed. This route is the easiest and fastest way to obtain a long-term residence permit. Our service includes the registration of a representative office of a foreign company with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and provision of the set of registration documents that the client shall submit to the relevant institutions to apply for a visa and a long-term residence permit.
  • Assistance in filling out the necessary forms, collection of some of the necessary documents and assistance in the oral communication with competent authorities