Registered & virtual office

A virtual office provides communication and address services without actually providing a specialized office.

A virtual office includes communications and representative services. The main advantages of a virtual office are efficiency, flexibility and saving resources - office expenses are minimized.

The virtual office allows business owners and employees to work from anywhere in the world - e.g. by just using a laptop computer and access to the Internet. The virtual office expands job opportunities - both for employers and employees.

BG Company Ltd offers a convenient, efficient and affordable alternative to office hunting – the registered and virtual office service. We provide you with the registered office every company deserves and also serve as an authorised representative of your company.

Another aspect of our service includes receiving correspondence from your customers and partners. As soon as any correspondence is received, we notify in real time and, upon your request, letters may be scanned and sent to your email or forwarded abroad periodically via registered mail or by courier. If you have received a letter in Bulgarian, we can assist you with its translation into other languages. 

As mentioned above, the registered office is a compulsory element of the incorporation and subsequent maintenance of each company and having BG Company Ltd manage yours saves you money and effort in dealing with all the regulations and rules associated with it.  

In short, our registered office and correspondence address is a long-term asset and one made available at flexible, low rates that make you pay only for what you use.


What is included in our service?

Provision of a registered office and correspondence address to your company and listing it in the Commercial register

Our employees will act as authorised representatives of your company and will represent it in case of inspections and audits by the NRA

Receiving correspondence and official documents from state institutions and banks on behalf of your company

Storage of financial and business documents in our office according to the legal requirement to be kept in the company’s office for a certain period of time


Fees and optional services

Service Price in EUR
Provision of a registered office and correspondence address in Plovdiv /outside of packages/ € 99
Provision of a registered office and correspondence address in Sofia /outside of packages/ € 199